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Parsing a combined address file

Question asked by janslort on Jun 28, 2013
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Parsing a combined address file




     I'm on a PC running FMPro11 Adv.  One of my (Big) clients handed me a database with addressess all combined into one field.  Street address, City, State, Zip.  No delimiters or other low hanging fruit.  I hjave to take an ax to this baby.  I peeled the zip, state & City off into their own fields by the easy "leftWords", "RightWords", "MiddleWords" functions from a combined field that contained all three.  How can I delete these three known values from the combined field to leave the Street address as the only value left in the combind field?  We all know the 5 digit Zip and two digit state are (almost) always constants at the "right" side of the field so, minus these two fixed values, City is easy "Pikings", leaving the had nut of the variable Street field.