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Parsing a random bit of data of variable length

Question asked by ijontichy on Sep 22, 2009
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Parsing a random bit of data of variable length


I'm working on automating the import of data from what's called an edit decision list.   


A typical edit decision list contains the following information at a minimum:


Event number, Tape source, type of cut, source timecode start, source timecode end, record timecode start, record timecode end, and notes.


ALL of this information, except for the last, always comes in a very specific form and it's easy to pull into filemaker.  


But the LAST piece...NOTES is of variable length and format.   The one constant is that it comes after an asterix. 



So my question is:   How do I get filemaker to parse ALL of the information after an * as a single field entry, regardless of length or content.


Thank you in advance!