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Parsing data out of an imported fixed-field data file

Question asked by Woodborer on Mar 17, 2014
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Parsing data out of an imported fixed-field data file


     I receive data from several sources in different formats.  One source sends data as a 255 character fixed-field text file.  There is only one field  I have imported the file successfully into FM 12 and now must parse out the data fields using an extraction calculation (Middle;<imported table>; start character; number of characters).  The first character of each line is a RecordType code.  There are four different ones.  I have a layout that works that shows all RecordTypes but I need to have a layout for each different RecordType as the data fields are different for each.  I am having trouble setting up relationships for layouts that address the same source table and constraining the RecordType to a certain value in building layouts to do this.  For example, the source table has RecordType in ("A", "B", "C","D","S")  I need to have layouts for each RecordType in which the extraction calculation is different.  For what I have tried, FM is throwing me error messages about relationships.   

     My experience is in SQL Server, Access, etc. and I can do all the above there, but I see advantages to processing this data and reporting in FileMaker.

     I will be grateful for any help