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parsing issue

Question asked by MarkGores on Jul 20, 2015
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parsing issue


I have a solution that takes information from our shipping computer and updates our Jobs program with the tracking number, shipper and date.  When the shipping department creates the shipments, they enter the job numbers into the note fields which I use to match up records and do the update.  The problem is there are frequently more than 1 job shipped in a shipment.  If there are a few with non-consecutive numbers they will enter them separated by commas, no problem.  If there are some that are consecutive the will enter the range separated by "--", (i.e. 65154--65162), again no problem.  My issue is every once in a while they will enter 2 ranges i.e.  65154--65162, 75117--75121.  That instance has my parsing script creating records counting from 65154 to 75121 which is around 10,000 records.

(BTW - the system for job numbers is that the first one or two digits is the month, next is the year and last 3 a count that resets at the first of the month.  So 65154 is the 154th job received in June of 2015,  115001 would be the first job received in November, 2015)

Is there an easy way to break the 65154--65162, 75117--75121 into 2 separate records?  That would allow my current script to parse it correctly.  Am I missing something easy?