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Parsing numbers into multiple find requests

Question asked by rebelbroker on May 3, 2011
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Parsing numbers into multiple find requests


So I have a list of numbers that I have captured from a different table in the database. I put them all into a global and go over to a different table. I now want to find all the records that match any one of the numbers. So, my global field contains say:


I do a search in the field "ScreenID" and I want to find all the records where ScreenID equals 1, all the records where screenID equals 2... and so forth for all the numbers listed.

I have found that I can create multiple find requests to get the result i want, but I am wondering what the best way is to script this out. 

I get the numbers I will later need to search on by copying them from various records and putting them into the global, separated by commas. It would seem like there is a better way to do this than to capture them in some loop script step, then move over to do the find in the other table and do another loop there to parse out the numbers into different find requests.

What am I missing?