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Parsing text after a variable.

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Feb 10, 2012
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Parsing text after a variable.


Ok, so last night i thought I had the answer to my problem, but after a good night sleep, I realized the formula I used is only giving me a portion of the data I need.  I need to parse all text in a field that has multiple cariage returns, but all of the text I need always follows "For use in:"

It will look like this:


OEM Brother® LC612PKS Black 2/PK Ink Cartridges

Yields up to 450 Pages @ 5% Coverage

For use in:
Brother MFC: J220, J265w, J270w, J410w, J415w, J615w, J630w, 795Cw, 990cw, 5490cn, 5890cn, 5895cw, 6490cw, 6890cdw
DCP: J125, 165c, 385c, 395cn


As you can see, the text will always vary in lenght, but the text I want is always preceeded by "For use in:" Sometimes there may be up to 15-20 lines after the "For use in:" with multiple cariage returns.