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Parsing Text Challenge

Question asked by themactech. on May 6, 2015
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Parsing Text Challenge


Hi Everyone

I'm working a solution to grab a small handful of specific Exchange rates from an XML feed. I'm having trouble trying to get the correct expression to grab just the rate number from within a piece of code.

Here is the code

<title>1 USD = 120.27574691 JPY</title>
<title>1 USD = 0.895421255 EUR</title>

I can get the number using the expressing below...

Right(Middle ( Untitled::source ; Position ( Untitled::source ; "<title>1 USD = " ; 1 ; 1 ) ; 24 );10)

But I think in order to find the correct rate I need to narrow it down from the other side starting with " JPY</title>"

In the expression it would be more like " " & $currencyCode & "</title>"

I've tried every which way but loose to get the expression and the text functions correct but I'm banging my head.

Thanks for any advice.