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    Parsing the Web Viewer's Google Maps Web Address



      Parsing the Web Viewer's Google Maps Web Address


           I've been searching w/o result for a description of how to parse the Web Viewer's Google Map's web address.  I'm running FMPro 11 Advanced. 

           I modified the default web address so that all of the extraneous stuff that the default web location shows is hidden.  I did this by changing "local.google.com" to "map.google.com" and adding the zoom and embed statements.  However with all of this two problems: (a) the map pin doesn't show and (b) the map is static.  Here's the statement as it currently stands:

      "http://map.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ BurgessPlaces::bp_map_address & "," & /*City=*/ BurgessPlaces::bp_map_city & "," & /*State=*/ BurgessPlaces::bp_map_state & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ BurgessPlaces::bp_map_zip & "," & /*Country=*/ "" & "&z=13" & "&output=embed&iwloc=0"

           I'd like to understand what I'm doing with this and would be very grateful for any pointers/links that would help me sort this out. 

           Thanks very much ....