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Parsing Web Viewer in Windows Environment

Question asked by JerryAPowers on Jul 24, 2012
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Parsing Web Viewer in Windows Environment


Can anyone tell me that it is possible to parse data from the Web Viewer in the Microsoft Windows environment? And if so, can you give me a hint as to how it is done?

According to FileMaker:

The WebViewer takes advantage of the native controls provided by the operating system. On Windows the WebViewer control is based on Internet Explorer, on Mac OS X it is based on Safari.

There are problems with Internet Explorer viewing the HTML source under some circumstances.  This occurs regardless if you are running FileMaker Pro or running the Internet Explorer application.  This will not occur if you use Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari.  Even if you set the default browser to something other than Internet Explorer, the WebViewer control is still based on Internet Explorer.  There is no workaround at this time.

In my application, I can retrieve the xml data into the web viewer from Zillow. However, when I right-click on the window to view the source code I receive the following message:

The XML source file is unavailable for viewing.

Furthermore, a script that I have written to parse the data also checks for valid xml data. I assigned a variable to the the web viewer content. I then attempt to echo the web viewer content to a custom dialog to see what FileMaker finds. However, the custom dialog is always empty.

Therefore, if FileMaker doesn't see any content in the web viewer (even though it is present and I see it), how could I ever parse the data.

What am I missing here?? I have struggled with this for about a week now and I cannot find a definitive answer.

BTW - I have downloaded and installed 360Works Scriptmaster but it has not helped.

Thank you,

Jerry Powers