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part delivery, invoice, etc.

Question asked by DannyAccola on Aug 6, 2012
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part delivery, invoice, etc.


so far so good ... everything works smooth. i can type in orders from a product database ... but now there's a new challenge on the horizon. part-delivery.

client XXX has ordered X items in color 123. so there's an order of X pieces (entered and confirmed). the factory can only send Y today and Z later. what i think would be the best way to approach > to have a duplicate of the original order (stored in :: orders) and delete the items which are not available at day of delivery .... to be reduced from original order (to keep track of remaining orders).

from this i need an commercial invoice, delivery note, invoice (with various variables in text) .. which can vary with every execution (EU, non EU, USA, etc.) 

i know this is a little bit un-specific .. but i would like to narrow it down after an intiial discussion has started.

thank you ... best, danny