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Part Number List

Question asked by jacko on Dec 14, 2009
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Part Number List



 I m usung FM pro 10 , and here is my question


Products Table

PartsID       PartName

T001         APPLE

T002         ORANGE

T003         BANANA



Purchase Table


example #1  Once I T001 in PartID , Apple will showing in PartName

example #2  Once I T002 in PartID , Orange will showing in PartName 

example #3  Once I T003 in PartID , Banana will showing in PartName 


example #4 Once I type D001 in PartID , "BLANK" will show "PartName" ( that's not i want), Because there has no D001 in the Products Table, Incase the PartID not in the Prodcuts Table, I WANT to get error message and not allow save in the Purchase Table, how can i setup the PartID list must be one in Product Table  , thank you