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    Part Number List



      Part Number List



       I m usung FM pro 10 , and here is my question


      Products Table

      PartsID       PartName

      T001         APPLE

      T002         ORANGE

      T003         BANANA



      Purchase Table


      example #1  Once I T001 in PartID , Apple will showing in PartName

      example #2  Once I T002 in PartID , Orange will showing in PartName 

      example #3  Once I T003 in PartID , Banana will showing in PartName 


      example #4 Once I type D001 in PartID , "BLANK" will show "PartName" ( that's not i want), Because there has no D001 in the Products Table, Incase the PartID not in the Prodcuts Table, I WANT to get error message and not allow save in the Purchase Table, how can i setup the PartID list must be one in Product Table  , thank you 

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          FMP provides quick and easy tools for just this. 


          Create a "Value List" (look under menu File>Manage>Value Lists and create a value list for all of your part id's.


          Then you can use it in one or both of the following ways.


          1) In the definition or your field PartID,  use the validate by value list. This allows the user to manually enter the partid but wont accept an invalid one.

          2) In the definition or your layout field, change the display of the PartID field from Text to either Drop Down List or Pop Up Menu and base that on the value list. This lets the user pick from an existing set of valid part ids rather than having to type one in.


          Hope that helps.