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    Part of layout not printing



      Part of layout not printing


      I have a 8.5 x11 layout and cannot figure out how to resize it to get the whole layout to print. There is a dotted line that seems to be cut off point on the layout and nothing below it prints. How can I move this line? so that I can print the whole page. problem area is dotted linedocument need to print

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          That hashed line is the bottom of page marker that FMP makes based on your Print Setup settings.  You will only see it move if you alter the setup of that particular layout (you can do some sizing things with your margins as well).  If everything onscreen must be be printed on one page, you might think about creating a separate layout to be used as your print layout only that has smaller font sized fields on (not easily readable onscreen, thus why you would use it for print only) that mimics your UI, but will fit on a single printed page.  Doing it this way will allow your solution to easily work on both Macs as well as Windows machines (on Macs the scaling works to shrink data onscreen to smaller sizes, while under Windows, the scaling just reduces your entire page -- prints a smaller rendition of your entire page! -- so it is not really helpful).




          - Michael 

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            Shudder, Thanks much that solved the problem.