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Part Print A Report

Question asked by ChristineSmeath on Nov 11, 2011
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Part Print A Report



I am looking for some help with setting up an electronic case note system.  We have FileMaker Pro 8.5 that we use for a database.  I have all my client information in this database but need to print on going client contact case notes each time I meet with an individual.  Sometimes these case notes are just a few lines and other times they can be a page. 

I need to be able to print out this information as I go with each case note following on the page where the previous case note left off.  I did have a macro created for word that allowed me to do this successfully for the first page of the document but once the document became a two page document it failed to work.

I am not able to link these documents to FileMaker as I get an Object Linking and Embedding error when I try to do this.  Each individuals case note information is a separate word document that is not linked to the database.  The client has a unique identifier and the individual word documents are saved with that file name.

Any help that anyone can give me would be great.  I am also open to suggestions on how best to make this work.  I would rather not have to create a case note layout in the database if I can avoid that but if that is what it takes then I guess that is what I will need to do.

Thanks so much!