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Partial success with table relationship

Question asked by filmcutter on Jan 19, 2010
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Partial success with table relationship


Hi all.  This is my first post.  After using Filemaker Pro over the years for various small tasks as an (assistant editor) in managing data on film-based TV shows and movies, I have expanded my ambitions.  I am setting up a database using FMPro 8 on a Mac running OS 10.5.5.  Now that production is over, I have imported data on all the footage;  this includes all the information on film rolls, and reference numbers for film footage and frame counts.  Since the film was transferred to videotape, the information for tape and timecode for each take was also imported.  This amounts to my first table, which I've called "Footage".  As the editor finishes reels on this movie, I can make EDLs, which will include information referencing tape and timecode.  What I want to do is import EDLs into a second table, called "EDL", and then use that information to produce data referencing the original "Footage" table.  The information I create will be the film footage counts.  In both tables I have created fields that convert timecode into an overall frame count for "in" and "out" points which mark the actual edits.  This data, along with tape name, allows me to create a relationship on three criteria between the "Footage" and "EDL" tables:  Tape = Tape, Start Frames ≤ Source In Frames, and End Frames ≥ Source Out Frames.  

In the "Footage" layout I have created a portal that allows me to see which takes are used, and the timecodes marking the edits.  But several takes are used more than once and when that happens the repeating field simply repeats the calculation of the first instance the shot is used, so my first question; is it possible to create a repeating field to do what I want, which is to show separate calculations for each time a shot is used?

Another, bigger obstacle is that I also want "Footage" data to show up in the "EDL" table but I cannot get data from any "Footage" field to show up in "EDL".  Interestingly, conducting a "find" using a "Footage" field will return accurate results, so the relationship works up to a point.  What do I need to understand about the relationship graph to fully utilize matches between my two tables?


Thanks in advance.