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Participant List Filter

Question asked by d.justins on Sep 15, 2010
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Participant List Filter


This seems to be a complex problem, so hopefully someone can help me.

This database tracks information about particpants in our organization's programs. The particpant may jump from one program to the other, so i've set up a way to track their enrollment. For each program i have a different field and i put a boolean value into that field depending on their status.

Here's an example:


and so on...We have 5 programs right now.

I've set it up this way instead of having a single field with a code because we have mulitple programs and there are many combinations of enrollment. With this setup, i can just do a find on one field in order to get that group of participants, completely ignoring whether they're enrolled in a different program or not. 

The problem i'm encountering now is giving drop-down lists of the participants to my users. Before, it wasn't a problem before because i only had 80-100 participants, but now due to some more programs being added, i have about 800 participants. That's just too many to give them in a dropdown.

I know i can filter out the list by creating a relationship with a table instance, but i can't figure out a way to make this relationship true with only the program selected i needed to because of how i have the enrollment setup.

So, being the great community you are, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to either better configure this or how to use what i have to filter out valuelists.