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    Participants table



      Participants table


      I have a contact manager for my clients -  Clients book tours from us - Tours can be for how many they wish on their party -  I need to be able to add participants that are related to my clients and subsequently add the participants to the booking (Booking can have many tours) line items and then subsequently add them to each tour


      The purpose of establishing the relation at the client level is that in the event the clients books with us again I will have a list of participants that have traveled with the client before and rather than asking the info again I can just choose who is traveling with him this time and relate them to then new booking and any tours inside the booking


      Can you help on how to establish the relations?

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          Does a "client" represent an individual or a group?


          It sounds like you have booking group tours and want a list of the people in each group (participants), but I could be misinterpreting.

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            Hi Phil


            you are correct - I am booking a tour in which may have 1 to whatever number of participants -  So the idea is to create a participant list for the booking where of course the actual client is also a participant


            So I have a participant table and a booking table and I can add participants to the booking through a portal


            Now the client is related to the booking number - So what I am trying to do is to relate the participant to the client and to the booking - The purpose is that next time I have a booking with the same client and I need to add participants I do not have to look at all the participants in the database but only to those related to the client


            The only way I see this hapening is by first relating the participants to the client and then to the booking and this is too time consuming - I need a solution that allows me to do both allocations in one screen??



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              The extra info helps me picture the issue.


              I think you're on the right track. I'd create a Client table and relate it to a participants table. To book a tour, you'd create one client record with 1 to however many related records in your participant table to list each individual.


              I don't see why you can't do this all on one screen. Keep in mind that you can put data from more than one table into the same portal row if your relationships permit it. Also, you could have more than one portal on your screen. One portal could list all your booked "clients" and a second portal could list all the participant records for the current client in your Client portal. (You'd have to set up some scripting for that.)