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    parts ordered layout.



      parts ordered layout.


           I'm using a button to keep track of all the invoices that my company had to order a part for. its a check box button thats simply checked "yes" when ive ordered a part that i did not stock. 

           I'm doing this so i can have all the invoices that aren't completed yet go to a specific layout.

           having said that, whats the best way to have filemaker calculate and keep track of the "parts ordered" check box and then keep the invoices waiting on parts in another layout. 


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               What do you mean by "calculate" in this context?

               A script could be set up that finds all records with a specified value in this check box field. That script can be performed via script trigger each time you access the layout for viewing those invoices.

               A relationship could be set up and then a portal--which might or might not be a filtered portal could also list these same invoices as rows of data in a portal. That would not require scripting to set up.

               For some examples of scripted finds, see this thread: Scripted Find Examples