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Parts, Sub Parts, and More Parts!

Question asked by Vinny on Mar 16, 2011
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Parts, Sub Parts, and More Parts!


I'm trying to develop a DB for parts information for my company. For our Bill of materials (BOMs), we can have a part that is made up of 2 other parts (sub parts).

I would like to have one table of all parts, because we sell both parts and sub parts (but we use subparts within parts as well).

However, I can't get the data structure right, nor the portal for adding "sub parts" to parts.  See screenshot for my current structure.

Simple example (not related to my company):


1 sunglasses; sub parts: lenses qty 2

2 lenses; no sub parts

In this case, I can sell sunglasses (complete assembly), or just the lenses.

I would like to have a parts layout with a portal which allows me to add parts as subparts to make the assembly.

Bsaed on the screenshot, any ideas about my data model and the layout / portal?