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Pass Filepath to Filemaker on Solution Open

Question asked by soundsman on May 31, 2011


Pass Filepath to Filemaker on Solution Open


I have a personal solution which works as a Stand-Alone Runtime solution. The solution creates external files using import/export scripts. This basically acts like standard MacOS File Open / Save commands. All of this works fine. When the solution is saved as a runtime solution, the files are bound to the runtime app as expected. I can open and save files from within the solution without any trouble and it works like most MacOS apps would work.

The only problem is when I double click on a file in the finder (a file that was created by the runtime solution), the file opens the stand-alone runtime solution like one would expect, but then the solution returns an error saying the file doesn't belong to the solution. This is expected because the solution doesn't know what to do with the file.

Is there a way to pass the filepath of the "last file that was just opened in the finder" to the solution, so that I can then pass that path back to my Open File scripts? The ideal hope is to get my solution to handle files in a way that would look like standard MacOS files are handled.