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Pass parameter to server script

Question asked by keithstehlik on May 3, 2015


Pass parameter to server script


I am trying to set up a server script to execute a sql statement that calls a procedure in that database. I have one script that collects that information for parameters to pass, there are two. Sets a variable with the parameters in it. This than calls the script with the execute sql statement, passing the parameters to it.

It runs correctly if I just use Perform Script but when I use Perform Script on Server I get an OBDC error that two parameters were expect and it recieved zero.


Test Clone call Copy2 -script to collect data

Set Variable [ $$pickup; Value:job::job_id ]

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "New Job Number"; Message: "Enter a new job number"; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes”; Button 2:

“Cancel”, Commit: “No”; Input #1: globals::temp_job_id ]

Set Variable [ $$parameter; Value:$$pickup & "," & globals::temp_job_id ]

Perform Script [ “Server Clone Job Call Copy”; Parameter: $$parameter ]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Go to Layout [ “Job Ticket Main” (job) ]

Set Field [ job::job_id; globals::temp_job_id ]

Perform Find [ ]



Server Clone Job Call - script called to execute the sql statement

Execute SQL [ ODBC Data Source: “wuy”; Calculated SQL Text: "CALL clone_job (" & Get ( ScriptParameter ) & ");" ]

[ No dialog ]

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?