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passing a value to a script?

Question asked by TerryCoolidge on Mar 7, 2012
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passing a value to a script?


It's me again with my church members and church committees.


I'm trying to clean things up to make the generating of certain rosters as simple as possible.  I started down a path of a unique script for each and every committee roster I wanted to create, but it seemed clunky (24 different buttons on a layout).  I have a "committee_id" value that represents each committee, and in order to generate a roster of members assigned to a given committee, I would invoke one of 24 separate scripts.  Each of the 24 scripts is virtually identical, except that a "Perform Find" step was different because of the need to do a search based on the committee_id value.  I was just typing in the actual value (i.e. 1 or 15 or 23, etc.) when defining the "Edit Find Request" criteria while setting up the scripts.  I realized it would make more sense (in theory) to have one generic script instead of 24 committee-specific scripts, and let the user choose which value to send to the script.  I thought I had this all figured out until it didn't work no matter what I tried.  The script worked exactly as intended when the "Perform Find" step had an explicit numeric value already embedded in the script, but didn't work whenever I tried calling on a field value instead.  Here are the various arrangements I tried:

• Member_Records::temporary_committee_choice (as text and as a number)

• Member_Records::temp_com_choice_calc (a calculation of temporary_committee_choice resulting in a number)

• I tried these without Global Storage turned on and with Global Storage turned on.

I was using a pop-up menu for making my committee_id selection, and then put the temp fields on my layout just so I could confirm what those temporary values were holding.  Based on what I was seeing, I thought this would work.  Unfortunately... no.

Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong, or explain to me what I'm missing.  I'm guessing it's pretty elementary.  You're welcome to speak to me as though I know next to nothing since that's the case.


Thank you in advance!