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    Passing data between layouts



      Passing data between layouts


      My situation is that I have a layout open in the "add record" mode.  I want to jump to another layout which will lookup some data.  I then want to pass some data from the lookup layout back to the original layout.

      My problem is that when I do that, I get a warning saying I have to either "save" or "don't save" the record I am adding.  Therefore when I return from the second layout, I am no longer in the "add" mode.  

      Any suggestions?


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          It sounds like you have a layout with auto-save disabled in layout setup. That would explain the message you are getting when you change layouts. A commit record [no dialog] step could be used to suppress that message or you can change the auto-save setting.

          You are still in "add mode" as there is no such mode, only browse mode. Set field can still be used to modify data in the fields of the current record.