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Passing multi-line parameter - only first line gets put in field...

Question asked by cosmocanuck on Jan 23, 2011
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Passing multi-line parameter - only first line gets put in field...


Hi all!

Hope you can help with this. Here's the situation in a nutshell:

I pass three parameters to a subscript using the technique of separating them with a "paragraph" symbol and breaking them out in the subscript using GetValue (Get (ScriptParameter)  x). (x = 1 for the first part of the passed parameter, 2 for the one middle one, etc.).

(I'm using these 3 values to fill in parts of a receipt.)

But one of the parameters is a multi-line value - calculated to be the name and address, 3 lines total. AND...  only the first line gets entered into the field on the receipt. No idea why.

I've confirmed with custom message boxes that the parameters are all sent into the script correctly and have the same, correct values coming back out.

(The reason I can't directly refer to the related field instead of using a variable as a "holder", is that when I'm filling in the receipt, I'm using info from the previous related record. I played around with getNthRecord but it seemed to be leading me down another rabbit hole entirely; if that's the right approach, though, I guess I'll investigate it!)

Hope this is clear... and that I'm not trying to do the impossible... or at least in a way that's impossible!