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Passing parameters or variables between two databases

Question asked by PatrickRoy on Apr 12, 2011
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Passing parameters or variables between two databases


I'm trying to create a new hires form, and I'd like to create a random password generator that will create a some-what easy to remember password upon a new record creation request. 

I thought I would create a WORDS database, import 555 three letter words, upon import I auto generated a corresponding number between 100-655. Then in my HIRES database I wanted to create a couple of random numbers, goto the WORDS file and retrive the word that corresponded with the random numbers I had generated. 

Sort of like, word1 = WordNumber1((Int(Random * 555)+100)), I'd do the same for word2, word2 = WordNumber2((Int(Random * 555)+100)). 

Then I would put them together, and insert a 2 digit number between the two words. Password =  word1 & (Int(Random * 9)+10) & word2. The result would be something like - dog88tea.

I'm fairly new at this and I can't seem to get my head around how to pass and get the information I need between the two databases. Or maybe I'm going about this all wrong.....Any help would be greatly appreciated.