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    Passing SQL data back to Reporting



      Passing SQL data back to Reporting


           Hi Guys, 

           Im new to FM and have a quick question.  If I construct an SQL statement, can I pass the result of the SQL back to the reporting side of FM.

           Any help would be great.


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               FileMaker doesn't do a standard SQL query. Instead, one normally performs a "find" that produces a "found set". The "found set" is somewhat similar to the record set produced by executing an SQL query in other database systems.

               Filemaker 12 has a function, ExecuteSQL, that can be used to return a series of rows and columns of data from a SQL query, but the results are all contained in a single field. That's not something that can be directly returned to a report layout, but if you set up the query to produce a return separated list of primary key values, this list of values could be used in a Go To Related Records script step to pull up a found set of those records for your report.