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Passing the repetition number as a script parameter

Question asked by ababel on Jul 29, 2009
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Passing the repetition number as a script parameter


I have a two repetition field_A (employee_name) which is a drop down menu in my layout based on tableA (projects). In the layout, next to field_A I have another two-repetition field_B (amount_earned). The current table_A(project) is related to table_C(employees) through the field_A.
As I mentioned above, field_A is a drop down menu and I have Set a Script Trigger OnObjectEnter this script is supposed to go lookup the table_C get the hourly wage of the employee, do a calculation and enter into the corresponding field_B the result of the calculation.

The script works fine for a 1-repetition field.

Is there a way to send the repetition number that triggered the script as a Script parameter? This way I would be able to recognize which repetition in field_B I should affect.
I bet is just a simple function but I just cannot find it.
Thanks in advance for your support.