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    Passing values between related Tables



      Passing values between related Tables


           Phil has me pointed in the right direction (THANKS) but here I am at another impass.

           For simplicity I have two related tables, Timesheets Table and a Joining Table. I have a layout in the Timesheets table with a date field (timesheet_Date) . The layout has a portal containing fields from the Joining table. I want to autofill the date field in the portal (jo_Date) with the value (timesheet_Date) from the Timesheet record "hosting" the portal. I want to PASS the date value from the timesheet date to the jo_Date field in the portal.

           I have set the the portal jo_Date to Lookup ::timesheet_Date and in fact that works for the "current record". But not the next record I enter or any other record I enter. Yet if I return to the successful record I can add addition related records in the portal and the Lookup works to autofill the jo_Date field for that record.

           Maybe Lookup is not the correct tool... I sniffed around scripts but I think I need direction.