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      How do i retrieve password if i've forgotten it?  I still can access it currently as the file open is automatic and the password is in place.  However, I can't change the password.

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          Howdy QueryJoel,


          You pretty well can't retrieve it.  What you CAN do is have a person with "Full Access" replace your password to something that you DO know.


          From your brief description, it doesn't look like you autologin using a FullAccess account.  Does anyone at your site have full access?

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               I do have full access... the file is logged in using an Account Name and Password that are saved... however, i can't recall what the password is... thanks Ninja
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                 If you have full access, then you can change your password (under Accounts & Privileges) and - while you remember your new password - go into File > File Options… and set the file to try and log in automatically using your new password.
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                   The option to change the password is available but the old (current) password is needed... I can't remember it.  Now trying to recall all the possible ones.  I can still access the file because it is stored in the File Options login password.  Of course, its only in ••••••••••••••• format (20 characters)  ... i'm sure my password is less than 20 characters, of which I find it weird that it has 20.
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                  QueryJoel wrote:
                  the old (current) password is needed.

                  Not if you do this in Accounts & Privileges.

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                       Thank you!
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                         As the other have already said, if you have [Full Access] privs then you can change your password. You dont need the old password. Just use the new one. When you go to exit the accounts, it will ask you for the full access user/password. Just use your new one. Or just create another account with [Full Access] privs.
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                           Sorry... a little late in the reply. Looks like comment has gotten you squared away.
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                             I feel obligated to add this:

                          Setting a file to open automatically using a full access account is rather counter-productive. What's the point of having a password, when the entire solution is freely accessible to anyone who can double-click?

                          Automatic login should be used when you want users to be able to use your solution like a regular application (i.e. the data itself is not being protected). But they should be doing so using a "users" account, with no ability to modify the solution itself. 

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                            I just added a password to my file and it won't accept it and now I cannot get into my file.  What can I do about This?