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    Password and  IWP



      Password and  IWP


      Hello all

      everyone knows how to write in a field that turns into blacks balls  all letters of the written word...

      but how to achieve the same result with IWP in a browser..?

      may be it is impossible..?

      thanks for any useful suggestion


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          Why do you need it? Why not use FileMaker accounts and passwords to control access instead of creating your own?

          I cobbled something simple years ago that might serve. I formatted the field with a common symbol font. It doesn't give you bullets, but you do get a result that conceals the password entry from casual glances.

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            I have to identify who can access certain layouts with web viewer..
            and it is not easy to manage accounts of FM
            I have to manage the pupils in a school...
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              PhilModJunk, did your solution work in IWP?  


              I am also looking for a way to not have to use the filemaker login with IWP because I am relying on more than just an account and password to verify access.

              I also don't want users even seeing the default IWP page, so I use URL's for the specific database where they are able to create their own account name

              and password. 

              In both instances where they initialy enter the password and when they login, even when I have the field formatted as a symbol text, the browser displays letters.  


              Is there a browser friendly font that will work in this case or will the users have to risk someone seeing their password?

              Luckily I've also built a way for them to change it as many times as they like when they know they have privacy.  


              In matters where finances are involved, this type of functionality would allow a certain ease of mind for users who are

              entering in pieces of information that should not be public.  I must ask for a tax ID, which is even more dangerous than a password.

              Anyone been able to solve this yet?