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    Password and User Name issues



      Password and User Name issues


      Running Mac OS 10.6

      Running FileMaker Pro 10


      Another user fiddled with File->File Options... and File->Change Password... and now the Application itself cannot be opened when I log in as myself (at the OS computer level, not the application level). I cannot start the application using a document or double clicking on the application icon itself.


      I did remove the application and reinstall, no difference.


      I can open the application as well as the documents that were being fiddled with if I log in as a different user and enter the passwords for the documents.


      Any thoughts? 

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          MartinR wrote:

           the Application itself cannot be opened when I log in as myself

          I don't think this can achieved by fiddling with Filemaker's preferences alone - it looks like someone really knows how to fiddle, and they managed  to take away your OS permission to run the application itself. This is not a Filemaker issue - I suggest you consult this document:



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               A good thought but no, my user name has the rights to execute as do my group and others. By using the repair privileges utility it did actually "open" the application for about 5 seconds before closing itself again, but only the first time after I ran the "repair disk permissions" after than it was more like 1/2 a second.
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              It's possible that File Options have been set to automatically open the file with a specific password and to run a script when the file opens. You can try holding down the option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) while opening the file to see if it now stops and asks you for a password.


              It's possible that the script contains steps that use Quit Application to shut filemaker back down after the file opens--hence your quick open and close response. If you have access to a copy of FMP Advanced, launch the application, enable the debugger and now try to open the file. You should see any such script kick in but pause on the first line at which point you can cancel the script and get in.

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                I can't offer any advice the others haven't already mentioned except this: after you solve this problem keep this user away from your machine! If your DB is hosted locally, set your machine to require a password after sleep/screen saver and of course make sure your OS account is password protected and auto login is disabled. There's something odd about the issue you describe, and if Phil is correct and a script is running on the file opening (and you're unaware of this), then this user "really does know how to fiddle" and has written a script to lock you (or whoever) out. Open it in FMP Advanced and debug it as has already been suggested.



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                  Unfortunately the other user is my wife and it is her Mac.

                  I have tried starting FileMaker with the option key pushed and it changes nothing.

                  I don't have Advanced.

                  Would it make sense to reinstall the OS?

                  As I have mentioned, the application and the specific database work fine when I log in as a different user.

                  I used Time Capsule to reinstall before the failure, both the database and the application, no changes. 

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                       Please clarify this point: are you able to launch the Filemaker application alone - without opening any solution file?
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                      Well, given the identity of the user I think malicious  intent can be ruled out!


                      "Would it make sense to reinstall the OS?"


                      I don't think so. You might want to create a new user account and try launching the solution from the new account first.

                      As well, Comment's question is important.


                      Since you have Time Machine backups you may want to restore other elements of your setup that might have changed and possibly caused this problem. If you and your wife are certain the solution hasn't changed significantly then the problem lies elsewhere; probably with permissions or some change in your account.


                      I just re-read your original post. It seems you're sure your wife has fiddled with the file options (or are you simply assuming this based on the file's behavior?). Does she remember what she did? Perhaps she can fix what she did. Can she open the file or application from her OS account? Also, it seems you've already answered Comment's question. You can't open the application itself, right? 


                      Do a "get info" on the FMP application and the solution file and check the permission settings. I assume you have administrator privileges on this machine.


                      Good luck.



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                        When I log in as my wife, no I cannot open the application or any solution file (even a new one created by another user and shared).

                        When I log in as myself, yes, I can open the application and the solution file that was being used by my wife when she accidentally caused the problem. 

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                          I tried the Time Machine backups all the way back to the install of the application and that did not work.


                          I checked the permissions and they are rwxrwxrwx for the application and solution file.


                          I talked with her again. She changed the user name in the file options and set a password. When she was closing that window the computer crashed, gave her a restart button and asked if she wanted to send an error report.


                          I have created a new blank database with no password protection and I am not able to open that file when logged in as her. 

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                            If you cannot launch the application, then it's between Filemaker and the OS - nothing to do with file options, passwords or scripts.


                            I would try trashing the application's preferences - both general and user-specific, then re-install. Make sure you install as admin for all users.

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                                 Now I will show my utter lack of knowledge in Mac related things. Where do I find the FileMaker Pro preferences, for admin and all users? To reinstall I just throw the folder away and reinstall?
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                                No! A reinstall is not what Comment suggested. I use FMP Advanced and I have two relevant preference files under (assuming you have an "admin" OS account) "user"/Library/Preferences: com.filemaker.pro.advanced.plist  and com.filemaker.client.advanced.plist. I don't pretend to be an expert on this sort of thing, but these are the only two preference files I have that would mean anything. I guess your files would be named similarly but without the "Advanced" part. Deleting these files might help. FM will rebuild them on the next launch.

                                 If you're doing any kind of (even "trivial") solution writing I suggest you invest in FMP Advanced. The Script Debugger is invaluable and, trust me, that's just for starters.



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                                  Actually I DID recommend re-installing the application - but that was before I read about the crash. I am not an expert in Mac maintenance either (and this is not the right place for it anyway), but I believe you should check/repair your disk first.


                                  To remove the preferences, I'd trash the Filemaker folder in Applications, empty the trash, then make Spotlight look for "filename contains 'filemaker'" across the entire HD. I am not sure how Spotlight works with multiple accounts, so maybe you need to do this twice - once for each account.

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                                       Thank you both very much. I searched for and removed all the preferences (the location and name tips were right on), threw away the application and reinstalled. Now I can open the document logged in as my wife and myself (it is in her public folder). I added a password and gave her read only access. Life is back to normal. I really appreciate all the help!
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