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    Password diactivation



      Password diactivation


      I have a brand new MacBook Pro System 10.6.4

      On this I have an old FMP 6.

      When I installed FMP 11, it asked me to type in the account name and password of the old FMP 6, in order to convert my data to FMP 11.

      This did not work so I was told to deactivate the old Password.

      Question How do I deactivate the old Password on FMP 6.



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          Wonder why you were told to deactivate the password? (That shouldn't be necessary.)

          If you can still open the file in FileMaker 6. You can select an option in the File Menu that will let you change your password settings. One of the options in the dialog that appears should enable you to delete the password. However, this same dialog should list your password so you can read it--unlike current FileMaker versions where they hide the password under bullet characters.

          Thus, you should be able to see exactly what password to enter to open your file. After conversion, you'd enter this password as both the account name and then again as password to open it the first time, then you can go to Manage | Security to change the account name so that people can't read your password over your shoulder when you enter it as the account name. Keep in mind that FileMaker 11 passwords are case sensitive while your FileMaker 6 passwords are not.

          For more on converting old files, see this knowledgebase article:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting/session/L3NpZC82UG8tTklkaw%3D%3D

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            Thank you Phill

            After some trial and error (I am not as smart as you are in FMP) I converted my data.

            You saved me alot of time and money in Zürich.

            I owe you one

            Joe the Dentist