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    Password Help



      Password Help



      I am new to filemaker and loving it but I created a database on my own as true notive I am very proud of myself for that.  The only problem I accidently click out of the 3/4 completed database now it is asking for a password i have no clue how it was created.  Can someone help me retreive my database I dont think I can spend another 2 days trying to recovering it.  

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          Try using an account name of Admin and leave the password box empty. This is the default account/password in your database, so this will open it unless you have used Manage | Security to change it. If you have, you are likley out of options for opening the database.

          If that opens your file, go to File Options in the File menu and click the "Log In Using" check box and make sure it is set up with Admin for the account name and an empty field for the password.