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    password hiding



      password hiding


      In an application, I need users to enter their mail password that I use as a value to activate the "send to" mail using an SMTP server.

      I would like this password to be hidden while being typed with either dots or stars, much like any other password entry. Anyone has a suggestion ?


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          Use Show Custom Dialog script step and a global field.  Your 'Show Input Field1' would point to a global field and you would check 'use password character' and type the label.  Then continue your script using the global value.  Be sure to clear the global when done using it.  It might look like:

          Show Custom Dialog [ "Do you wish to Send Mail?" ; YES ; NO ; Data::global password ] ... with label "Enter mail password"
          If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 // user selects NO ]
          Halt Script
          End If
          ... continue your Send Mail script here and then add last script step of:
          Set Field [ data::global password ; "" ]