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    password lost



      password lost


       I just upgraded to FM Pro v12 from v7.  In v7, I had a database that I must have set up with a password.  When using the v7 version it never asked me for the password when I opened the file.  I don't remember what the password was.  Now with v12 and a new computer, the file is asking for a password (which I don't remember).  Is there a way to fix this?

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          Converting A File That Has Access Privileges Already Defined

          If a pre-conversion file has a password defined that has full access to the file already, a default Admin account is not automatically created.

          If a "no password" password is detected in the original file during the conversion process, it is converted to the Guest account and made active in FileMaker Pro 7 and later.

          Unless a pre-FileMaker Pro 7 had an auto login password stored; no default login will be assigned under File Options to a converted file that has access privileges defined.  A login dialog box will be presented each time the file is opened, just like in the previous version.  If a file had a password stored for auto-login before conversion that password and appropriate settings would be retained after the conversion process.

          Passwords were not case sensitive in pre-FileMaker Pro 7 file but they are in FileMaker Pro 7 and later.  Access privileges that were defined with upper and lower case letters in pre-FileMaker Pro 7 will be enforced in FileMaker Pro 7 and later.  For example, Assume a password of "Orange" was defined in a previous version of FileMaker.  When logging in this file in a previous version of FileMaker you could type in "orange" or "ORANGE" (or any combination of upper and lower case letters) and gain access to the file.  After conversion, neither of these passwords will be accepted.  In this case, "Orange" will be the only valid password.


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             Thanks David - I've got it working.  In v7 it was using Admin as the name with a blank password.  In v12 it apparently grabbed my new computer name as the name.  I changed it to Admin in v12 and now I'm able to get into the file.

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              In both versions, FileMaker enters the USER name as the default ACCOUNT name. User names are set in Preferences and during the installation process. Different user accounts can have different user names.

              It sounds like the user name specified for the older version of FileMaker differed from that specified for your v12.

              Check File Options and if you set it to open the file using Admin | blank password, it will not ask you for a password when it opens.