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    Password on file access for ALL openings.



      Password on file access for ALL openings.


      I have long sung the praises of the simplicity of FMP. My last upgrade was from 7 to 10 and I haven't created many new DBs since then. This used to be so simple to do, now I cannot for the life of me find a way to do this. I created a new DB today and would like to have it require a password entry every time the file is opened regardless of the user account. How do I do this in FMP10 so that it is also necessary when opening the file in Filemaker Go? 

      Thanks for any assistance!

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          This hasn't changed since FileMaker 7 as far as I know.

          Define your passwords in Manage | Accounts & Privileges (Manage | Security... in FileMaker 11)

          In File Options, you may need to clear the "log in using" check box that sets up files with no password to open with Admin | blank, unless you specify a pasword for this full access acount like you should do anyway in most cases.