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    Password prompt...



      Password prompt...


      Good morning Forum, 

      Last Friday I made a series of script and layout changes on our database.  After restarting my computer and re-opening the DB (remote, point-in-space,) I encountered the password prompt in the attached screenshot.

      I have never been asked to enter a password here before.  The only password I have assigned will not let me in.  Strangely, after I completed my changes, I backed up the DB via point-in-space and saved a version of it on my local machine.  This version opens no problem, and does not ask for a password when launched.  Once I am into the backup DB, my password works for administrative duties, suggesting that I made no changes regarding passwords.

      Can anyone suggest a fix of this problem, or am I missing something?




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          The password prompt is coming from filemaker server. One of the options on filemaker server is to only allow registered users to view the available files. I would imagine somebody has made a change to your copy filemaker server. However since you've got a user account/password for a file on that server, it should allow you to login and view/open your DB...

          Now for the guessing!

          The only thing I can think of is that the sharing settings on the file aren't co-operating with the server. I would check your backup copy to make sure FMNet/Filemaker sharing is on for all users. I would also be tempted to try adding a 2nd account, for testing which could always be deleted later. Then I would upload a copy of your backup to the server and see if it will let either of your accounts in...