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    Password Protect Problem



      Password Protect Problem


      1) I just made a new small database.

      2) Then I decided to assign a password.

      3) Upon doing so the "username" was already filled in with 'admin'.
      4) I changed 'admin' to another word.

      5) Then I assigned a password.

      6) Then I closed the database and tried to reopen

      7) The sign in screen came on

      8) Somehow 'admin' was then changed to 'my personal name'

      9) I typed in my password that I created but nothing will sign in.

      10) I have tried all combinations of the above choices but nothing works.

      11) I have password protected DB's before but this time I must have really messed up somewhere.

      12) How do I get out of this mess and get back into my database?

      13) How do I redo a username and password so that this will all work?



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          Sounds like you are confusing User Names with Account Names. Account names are specified inside Manage | Security. User names are specified in Preferences and thus are specific to each OS based user account that can open FileMaker. Then, just to confuse this further, when FileMaker pops up the log in dialog when you open the file, it automatically enters the User name from preferences as the default Account name in the dialog.

          Why you can't get into your file is difficult to say from here. Account names are not case sensitive, but passwords are. You thus need to enter the correct combination of account name and correctly capitalized password in order to open the file.

          And when experimenting with password options for a file, it's a very good idea to save a back up copy of your file before making changes. That way, if you make a mistake and get locked out of the file, you can discard it and replace it with you back up copy.

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            At this point the only way I made it back in was to leave the "Account Name" as 'Admin' (case sensitive as just now typed) and leave the "password" field blank (empty); then hit 'enter' and access is gained.

            Any further comment on that result/solution?

            Guess I'll have to go back and really study how FM wants me to use Passwords and Account Names. Any input/experience relative to that comment?

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              Any further comment on that result/solution?

              i predict that when you open manage | security, you will find that you have an account named Admin with no password specified. This is an account you will find in every new file. And account names are not case sensitive. 

              Any input/experience relative to that comment?

              I have already done that in the first post that I made to this thread.