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Password Protect Problem

Question asked by Dekade on Feb 23, 2015
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Password Protect Problem


1) I just made a new small database.

2) Then I decided to assign a password.

3) Upon doing so the "username" was already filled in with 'admin'.
4) I changed 'admin' to another word.

5) Then I assigned a password.

6) Then I closed the database and tried to reopen

7) The sign in screen came on

8) Somehow 'admin' was then changed to 'my personal name'

9) I typed in my password that I created but nothing will sign in.

10) I have tried all combinations of the above choices but nothing works.

11) I have password protected DB's before but this time I must have really messed up somewhere.

12) How do I get out of this mess and get back into my database?

13) How do I redo a username and password so that this will all work?