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    Password protected by previous employee..



      Password protected by previous employee..


           This is my first post after doing hours of forum hunting. I found a few posts that seemed pretty close to my issue but for safety sake I figure I should ask anyway.

           We are using FMP9 (FileMaker Pro 9) in a Windows environment. We had an archaeologist who did all of the data entering as he catalogged new findings of aboriginal artifacts. Long story short he left the company and now legally, we cannot contact him. We do OWN the legal rights to all of his data entries but without the password cannot access them. 

           Keep in mind I am a FMP newb so to speak, is there a default admin account I can log in as and reset this users password? As far as I know he is the only user that has the highest permissions, there are several other basic users. OR is there some way to open up a file into notepad and make some changes that way? I am not afraid of a very technical answer as I can usually figure it out.


           Thank you

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               The data may be free to export, make reports and otherwise get the data entered.  I know of no "hacker" way of doing what you want.  If your DB has external files for storage, those files may not be passworded.  Call FMP for their support.  Otherwise, have your legal write him a letter.


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                 Thanks for the response Jim, Just got off the phone with FMP support and he said there was really nothing I could do. It seems foolish that they have a default admin account but no way to rescue a forgotten password...

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                   There may be a way to resolve this from a technical stand point. Do you have a back up copy of your file that is not protected by this password?

                   If so, then I have heard of a utility that will insert a new account and password into a protected file so that you can force it open. This could damage your file, however, so if going that route, my next step would be to import the data from the copy I forced open into the back up copy.

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                     That sounds like a good method Phil do you have the name of this utility? I am concerned about the time investment as he didn't like to have only one DB.. like his computer (folders for everything) I imagine he has a DB for everything as well. I'll have to research a little deeper.

                     I should give a little back ground on myself, I am the Offices IT guy but i've never had any experience with FMP so I am kind of "treading lightly" so to speak. I think the end users know more techincal details about the system then I do.

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                       I don't recall the exact name.

                       As office IT guy, you should require "full access" passwords from your co-workers on every file used by any employee that contains data owned by your organization--along with a well thought out back up system to maintain frequent backup copies of each.

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                         Well the problem with that was the IT person before me didn't have much interest in the IT side of things. So anything that came before me is well, user controlled basically. It's taken me 3 years to standardize our IT department and take hold of what I have control of now. Picture an office of 60 set up as a small home network. To say the least I've been busy.

                         Before I started, the file maker server was not backed up at all, 3 years of data and not a single back up. Suffice to say that changed quickly. Unfortunatly, anything that would have been backed up since I have started working here has a password on it. I had FMP on my list of things to do but putting out IT fires is a very time consuming task when you're the only one around. Anyway enough trying to justify my lack of FMP understanding.

                         Now that the damage has been done, I think my first course of action will be to try and access the default admin account hoping he wasn't inclined enough to change it. After that I will research said utility and try a test run on a dummy DB. Failing that I will report back here and cross my fingers for other suggestions!

                         Thanks again!

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                           Consider my previous post a goal to achieve for the future. If the data only exists on one user's machine, password locked or not, your entire orginization risks damage if that one machine goes belly up, is stolen. In similar manner if a particular user suffers a tragedy or you have another termination displute as you appear to have now, it's as though your only copy of the data has been lost or destroyed...

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                             Hi, if your file was designed with FMP 9, 10 or 11, I can probably  help. Is the file too large to email to me, can you dropbox it? basesdedatosfmp@gmail.com

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                               I can probably do that, although I will have to go through some hoops to get approval first. Let me check ASAP


                               Thank you!

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                                 If you are able to make a clone copy with no records it'll be fine as well. I do not need the information in the file but I will need the file itself.