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Password protected by previous employee..

Question asked by ScottBuchanan on Jan 22, 2013
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Password protected by previous employee..


     This is my first post after doing hours of forum hunting. I found a few posts that seemed pretty close to my issue but for safety sake I figure I should ask anyway.

     We are using FMP9 (FileMaker Pro 9) in a Windows environment. We had an archaeologist who did all of the data entering as he catalogged new findings of aboriginal artifacts. Long story short he left the company and now legally, we cannot contact him. We do OWN the legal rights to all of his data entries but without the password cannot access them. 

     Keep in mind I am a FMP newb so to speak, is there a default admin account I can log in as and reset this users password? As far as I know he is the only user that has the highest permissions, there are several other basic users. OR is there some way to open up a file into notepad and make some changes that way? I am not afraid of a very technical answer as I can usually figure it out.


     Thank you