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    Password Protected file



      Password Protected file


      Hi everyone,

      I have a slight problem.  I hope we can get it fixed.  I work for the local newspaper office and we use FileMaker to print our address labes. We are upgrading from an old Macintosh that used Clairs FileMaker and this database has a password on it. This database contains the 1,000 people we send papers to every week. We have a eMac computer that has FileMaker version 4 on it. I copied the subscritptions over to the eMac and It said has been created with a older filemaker do you want to convert it to new. I did and I can type in the password and it opens. Then here comes the problem, I have a new iMac and I downloaded a trial of FMP to see if this file would open. It did the same this was created with a old version thing so I said yes. Then it comes up with a username and password. I have no idea what the username is, the old Mac and the eMac only ask for password you can't type in a username. I have tried several things and I keep getting a message saying the account name you have entered can not be used to open the password. I have tried removing the username and just typing in the password but that didn't work. I don't want a username, I just want to be able to type in the password. 


      Please help soon! 




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          Hi Darrin


          try: Account Name: Admin ; Password: your password

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            When an old file like this gets converted, the username and password are the old password. But you can leave the username empty and just type the password.


            Try just typing in the password again (leaving the user name empty). But bear in mind that passwords are now case sensitive - so you should check the EXACT password in the old file.

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                 I tried the admin but that didn't work. I left the username blank and did my password with a capital letter. The password was mail on this database and then so i tried Mail and and it worked! Thanks. I changed it to lower now.  Thanks again so much! I feel dumb that I didn't try that!
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                   Perhaps the original password was "Mail", but the older version of filemaker was case insensitive so thats why "mail" worked as well. Good thing for you the original password wasn't "maiL" or some other odd combination. 
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                  Yes I know! Otherwise I would still be sitting here trying to figure it out! We wouldn't have it that hard either though. We like it easy!

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                       The 'no user name' worked for me too!  Thank you so much!!
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                      - for me, too; updating a database from Filemaker pro 6 after a version 10 purchase.

                      It seems as if the former version did not associate a username with the password-protected database.

                      Is it not possible to warn/inform the updating user about that problem? Or maybe it exists and I missed it.


                      But it sure is unpleasant to type in the correct pasword and get a failed-message....


                      So thanks for the tip about the workaround, David!