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Password Protected file

Question asked by DLew1 on Apr 21, 2009
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Password Protected file


Hi everyone,

I have a slight problem.  I hope we can get it fixed.  I work for the local newspaper office and we use FileMaker to print our address labes. We are upgrading from an old Macintosh that used Clairs FileMaker and this database has a password on it. This database contains the 1,000 people we send papers to every week. We have a eMac computer that has FileMaker version 4 on it. I copied the subscritptions over to the eMac and It said has been created with a older filemaker do you want to convert it to new. I did and I can type in the password and it opens. Then here comes the problem, I have a new iMac and I downloaded a trial of FMP to see if this file would open. It did the same this was created with a old version thing so I said yes. Then it comes up with a username and password. I have no idea what the username is, the old Mac and the eMac only ask for password you can't type in a username. I have tried several things and I keep getting a message saying the account name you have entered can not be used to open the password. I have tried removing the username and just typing in the password but that didn't work. I don't want a username, I just want to be able to type in the password. 


Please help soon!