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Password Scripts

Question asked by BrianFirkins on Apr 11, 2013
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Password Scripts


     Hello everyone, Well... I have a question concerning Passwords, I know how to add previlages and so forth to users.. that is not the question... the questions is.. on the form layout we have created, I have certan Information I only want one person to be able to access. So i cretated a new layout, and a button to access that layout. I added a password script to Re-login and then go to the credit layout, every thing works well... but the only prob i have is if some one clicks on guest they can still go to the credit info... they cant add or take out anything but they can view the info, and i dont want that... 

     Here is the Script i have right now... 


                         Set Error capture [on]


                         Re-Log In[Adam]


                         If [get (LastError) =0]


                             Go to layout ["Credit Info" (Inventory)]




                            Go to Layout ["product Details" (Inventory)]


                         End if



     Can some one tell me how I can set it so if you click on Guest it will not go to the Credit info layout...

     Im using Filemake pro12


     Thanks everyone!