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    Password setting help



      Password setting help


      Please Help,

      I am setting up a data dase on the single computer but will have multable users on it and I am having problems setting it up. I created a admin. password with full access. and a 2nd password with limmited access ie they can create an new record, print and view records but cannot edit them.

      my problem is when I open with the 2nd password with limmited access. it opens and says no access and I can not see any of the records. is there a check box I am missing to get the 2nd password to work?

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          In the privilege set definition of the privilege set you have chosen or created for your limited access password you have the option of either allowing the user to not have any access, view but not edit, or have full access like your full access privilege set. You'll need to explore the privilege set's settings to change the settings from no access to "view only". There should be a "read only" privilege set you can use unless the user needs some edit privileges (such as to edit a global field used for searchs or portal filtering) and not others.