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Password Setup - need help with a Portal to my site

Question asked by ArtL on Oct 3, 2010


Password Setup - need help with a Portal to my site


Hi All,

I guess I have two issues, so I will label them Issue #1 and Issue #2


Issue #1... Password Portal

I need some help with a Password Portal.  Simple is best.

I would like to assign and control the passwords and uses.

So, my Portal is simple....

RESET - if they make a mistake (is this even necessary?)

ACCOUNT NUMBER (I will issue this)

PASSWORD (they can create their own after they enter with the password I generate and they will be prompted to immediately create their own)

Happy to hear your comments on this.


Issue #2 email send back to me.

I have been fiddling with this one and can't get it to work.  Main error message is Server won't accept my request to email.

From their DATA CARD, I would like to hit a SUBMIT button from a Support ticket.

Their email is already in a field

Their First and Last names are in fields

A NOTES section should be attached to the body of the email.

Their issues from a pull down window should be attached to the SUBJECT of the email.

Haven't spent more than 2 hours on this but I am drawing a blank.

Thanks in advance.....