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    password weirdness



      password weirdness


           I'm using pro9 and it suddenly made one of my files password protected   I'm the only one using this so there was never any need for a pw  I wouldn't have done that unless it made me  I don't think it did   This happened over a year ago and it pissed me off so much I quite working with it  Now I want to use it again   Is there any way to get into a pw file? it's done it to several files.  How can I turn off pw protection?

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               Try using "admin" and no password to open the file. This is the default setting for a new DB file so if you haven't used access privileges to set up or change accounts, this should be the account name and password to open the file.

               Once the file is open, go to File Options and select the "log in using" check box and specify "admin" with no password as the settings for this file option.

               This returns your file to the default settings created when the file was first created.

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                 that worked!  thank you so much!!  i think it happened when i upgraded to 9 from 7