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Passwords and Encrypted Fields

Question asked by AntonMarcelline on Dec 3, 2013
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Passwords and Encrypted Fields


     Hi All,

     My question relates to Filemaker Pro but the feature I am trying to find may only be a Bento feature.

"Bento 3 introduced a new Encrypted field type that allows users to not only encrypt data, but also have the ability to Show, Hide, or Lock their data". [source:]

     As far as I am aware Filemaker Pro does have this feature but today (2013-12-03) it was announced that Filemaker Pro 13 has AES 256bit encryption (see FM 13 Adv specs below) but I am going to assume this means database file encryption and no mention of Show, Hide, Lock or individual fields within a database.

"Enable AES 256-bit encryption with FileMaker Pro Advanced to protect data on a FileMaker client or on FileMaker Server".

     Can anyone confirm if there is a way to Lock fields in any version of Filemaker? If not are there any third-party plugins that could achieve this?

     I did try look for a telephone number for Filemaker Pre-Sales but the website but links you to the products section of the website. Not good seen as I want to spend money on upgrading out Filemaker but with no assurances that the features I was in the new version are even available.