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    Passwords and Encrypted Fields



      Passwords and Encrypted Fields


           Hi All,

           My question relates to Filemaker Pro but the feature I am trying to find may only be a Bento feature.

      "Bento 3 introduced a new Encrypted field type that allows users to not only encrypt data, but also have the ability to Show, Hide, or Lock their data". [source: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7340/kw/unlock%20fields]

           As far as I am aware Filemaker Pro does have this feature but today (2013-12-03) it was announced that Filemaker Pro 13 has AES 256bit encryption (see FM 13 Adv specs below) but I am going to assume this means database file encryption and no mention of Show, Hide, Lock or individual fields within a database.

      "Enable AES 256-bit encryption with FileMaker Pro Advanced to protect data on a FileMaker client or on FileMaker Server".

           Can anyone confirm if there is a way to Lock fields in any version of Filemaker? If not are there any third-party plugins that could achieve this?

           I did try look for a telephone number for Filemaker Pre-Sales but the website but links you to the products section of the website. Not good seen as I want to spend money on upgrading out Filemaker but with no assurances that the features I was in the new version are even available.




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               Answering this in terms of FileMaker 12....

               It is possible to lock fields in FileMaker to prevent specific users from modifying the data in the field and it is possible to lock a Record in FileMaker such that only authorized users may view the data in that record. Conditional formats and other layout techniques can also selectively hide data in specific fields from access by unauthorized users. But actually encrypting the data in a specific field requires a plug in.

               With FileMaker 13?

               Well, we'll all have to find out as we explore the new options this release makes possible...

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                 Anton Marcellin:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 FileMaker Pro does not have a built-in ability to "Show, Hide, Lock" fields.  However, with Access Privileges, one can limit what fields are visible and/or accessible to the user.  You can also use scripts to hide/display information.

                 If you are in North America, contact our Customer Care center for more information at toll-free 800-325-2747.  You'll find this information at the top of the Support page at:


                 If you are located outside of North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Hi Phil,

                   Thanks for your prompt response.

                   We store a lot of usernames and passwords and other sensitive data in fields and due to a recent client compliancy request we are needing the ability to encrypt are databases and lock fields so that the information within the field is not visible or editable without unlocking and entering passwords.

                   Regarding third-party plugins, I will look into this but ideally I would like to avoid the use of any plugins.

                   Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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                     Thanks guys for your advice. I think that the access privileges along with the show/hide script would be the best way to go here.