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Passwords and Preferred File Layouts

Question asked by PerryAlanWerner on Apr 13, 2012
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Passwords and Preferred File Layouts


Perry here.

New to the forums but an FM user for over 25 years.


Two questions.....

Do I need to use a password evertime I make an attempt at a change in my files.

The problem currently is is that I wish to make one of my several layouts in a certain file the primary layout when the file is opened. When I attempt to do this I go to

1) "File Options"

2) Check  "Switch to Layout"

3) Choose my preferred layount form the list that pops up.

4) Press "OK"


At the top of the dialog box 

"Log In Using" is checked

"Accont Name and Passweord" are checked

The account name is "Admn"

Password is blank

I've never used a password with FM and have no idea how to set one if I had to.

So, is there is way to bypass all of that when I make changes such as I am attempting?

I am the only user of these files, don't need a password, etc.

I just wish to make the few changes I make as easily as possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way I am using a recent  iMac

System version 10.6.8