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    paste without reformat



      paste without reformat


           i cannot copy & paste without style changes

           when i copy text

           frequently the style is changed

           for instance the copied text may change to other font size or may change to superscript to conform to other text in the field 

           or may randomly become bold

           this is very irritating

           how do i copy then pase without reformatting?

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               What version of Filemaker are you using and on what operating system?

               Have you checked to see if the fonts of the original document are also available in FileMaker? (A font substitution can take place if this is not the case tand that can significantly alter the appearance of your text.)

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                 not a font problem

                 copy and paste problem (keyboad commands) when pasting in a field that already contains some text

                 the pasted text typically adapts the style of the text right before the paste insert  or sometimes the style of the text from the previous line

                 the whole paste from the clipboard will become superscript when pasting after a superscript

                 (even if I use the keyboard plain text command before pasting)

                 or the 1st character of the paste will adapt the font size of the text right before the paste insert


                 tx for your help

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                   If you're using a Mac, I think cmd-opt-shift-v is the key combo which pastes taking destination style.

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                     yes but i want the opposite

                     i do not want the destination style but i get it anyway with just command-v

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                       Sorry, I didn't get comprehend clearly your issue. I think Copy/Paste is dependent on a number of things.  Operating System, application, bit version (16, 32, 64) of the application... maybe even character set - so to echo the first responder, what's the OS and from what application (including version) are you copying?


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                    FMP12.0v3 copying within app

                    mac OSX 10.8.3


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                           Interesting. So only copying from one field in FMP and pasting to another field in FMP?  If you don't see it before you copy it, it sounds buggy.

                           Reading info on text formatting, it seems like formatting is stored as data.  So what you're copying must have the spurious formatting already.  I can only recommend isolating it on a record by record basis by copying out of FMP and pasting to TextEdit to see what you get.  Then do the same to a text-only editor like TextWrangler.  Then do the same copying from the applications and pasting back into FMP.  See what you get.  See if you can cleanup your original data.  

                           I have one user who religiously copies web text into TextWrangler to strip any formatting out before she pastes data into FMP, just to ensure that her data is clean.

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                             I can get the same Behavior in FileMaker 12, Windows XP

                             I did figure out a work around:

                             Before pasting, type in a space. Then select Format | Plain Text. Now paste your copied text. If you don't want the space, deleted if after you paste.

                             If you want, you can add buttons to your layout that do these two things automatically.

                             It might be interesting to report this in Report an Issue. Perhaps we can get the FileMaker Tech folks to class it as a bug.

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                               i wrote a script to insert a space with plain style then paste the contents of the clipboard

                               works Like a charmsmiley

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                                 i cannot figure out how to erase the the inserted space within the script

                                 given that there is text after the paste script


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                                   Set Variable [ $Length ; value: Length ( yourTable::YourTextField ) ]
                                   Set Field [YourTable::YourTextField ;
                                                   Left ( YourTable::YourTextField ; $Length ) & Right ( YourTable::YourTextField ; Length ( YourTable::YourTextField ) - $Length - 1 ]

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                                     If the contents are simple one word, maybe try substitute(yourfield, " ", "")

                                     If that doesn't work, look at TrimAll and be careful with the Type.

                                     If that doesn't work, you can try a Length function nested inside a Right function.

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                                   Hi there. I submit my script for you : see screenshot. bye. Fred
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                                     Oppps.. little update needed at the end ;-).
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