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Pasting from one field to another based on a script...HELP!!

Question asked by user14830 on Jun 21, 2010
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Pasting from one field to another based on a script...HELP!!


Hello All!


I really need some help with this one.  I'm new to the FileMaker family and I am using FM11.


I'm trying to figure out a way to paste into a field only the most updated value from a few other fields, (that probably made no sense).


Here's the story...I'm working on a database for logging poker hands, (I don't think you'll need to know the game to help me).  I work for a TV production company that televises poker shows and we're trying to streamline the data entry of our hands to save time and energy.


Here's the basic headings for the layout....



The action field is where a player will either fold, bet, or raise his/her opponents.  IF the player calls a bet from an opponent, (or "C" as it's entered in the value list), I would like the LAST bet made to simply be pasted in that players Bet Amount field.


Here's the foil...There are six players at our final table.  If the player directly preceding the one I'm entering data for folds, then there's nothing in his/her Bet Amount field.  How do I get a script to look at other Bet Amount fields in ORDER until it finds one that has an amount and the pastes that amount into the Bet Amount field for player that calls. 


I hope I explained my dilemma clearly enough for you to help.  Thanks in advance!