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    Pasting into layouts



      Pasting into layouts


      I'm trying to make the exact same change to many layouts. Is there a way to have "Paste" place objects in the same place every time?

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          I use the object info pallet.  Note the desired x-y coordinates.  After you paste, re-enter the coordinates in the first 2 fields on the object info pallet while the pasted object(s) is still selected.  If you click on the approximate position on the layout before you paste, then you can nudge the pasted object(s) into the right location using the arrow keys instead of entering the coordinates.


          P.S. Use px instead of in or cm.; it's easier to enter the values.

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            The T-Square tool can be very helpful here.

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              Thank you for the replies. While both will accomplish what I need, I'm trying to save time.

              Close too 100 layouts need the same changes made to each one. If I could copy from one, then to go each of the others have it paste into the same exact spot, that would be best.

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                The best thing that I have found to do something like this is to get it to paste in the right place on the orig layout. Its tedious but if you get it to paste exactly on the same spot the first time, then you can just go through all your layouts ( in my case tab panels ) and just paste away.