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Pasting text but preserving field font

Question asked by fmchris on Oct 20, 2011
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Pasting text but preserving field font


I have a database where I have two very large text fields side by side. The left side contains a draft chapter of my novel, the right side will hold paragraphs I want to revise. The right hand side is defined to have a different font and colour from the left hand side, so it stands out as distinct and different.


The problem is, when I paste from left to right, the pasted text is in the font and colour of the left side, and overrides the right field's definition. This is even after setting the right side's Format / Control / Behaviour / Input method to "synchronise with field font". 


I wouldn't mind so much, but in FMP 10 there is no button or script command to set a field format such as font or colour. Is there ANY way I can paste from one field to another and have the pasted text change to the font and colour of the destination field? This is driving me mad.