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Path name and Container fields

Question asked by DouglasWeiner on Dec 6, 2013
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Path name and Container fields


     I am experienced but really an amateur to Filemaker pro, so please forgive me if my question has some crazy suppositions in it.

     I am using FMP9 .

     My end goal:  Add to my excel spreadsheet an entry that has the pathname and filename of a quicktime movie so that when I import the CSV file back into FMP9, the resulting file can be clicked on in a record and play in QT.  I am pretty sure that is what a container field is (and I have working ones in this database that were added one by one) but  there seems to be problems.

     a) I just want to see what is in the container field by exporting but can not.  The knowledge base says I can export a container field (since FMP7), but when I go to export a record and add the container field to the export, I get an error "Container fields can not be exported."  So I can not see how to format  the container field for my excel file.  Since my FMP db is only 2.8mb, it certainly does not contain the movie itself, which is 2 gigs.

     b)  I know little about scripting.

     c) I have searched the Knowledge base and see there seems to be some scripting suggestions, but... I am not sure it is really what I need.  Not every record has a Quicktime and my idea was to simply copy and paste my path and filename into the excel spreadsheet.

     d) How I got here is that this database of about 400 records was built 5 years ago, but was not maintained.  The database is a simple list with one Unique ID number and a bunch of data associated with it.  Over the years, not only has new data been added incorrectly but some of the data was mis-labled with incorrect Unique ID numbers.   The quickest way to deal with it seemed to be export all records in a CSV table.  Add, remove and move some records around.  So this is why I exported it as a CSV to get an overview, copy and past fields and was planning on reimporting.

     Thanks for any advice.